Our Story

Bumo 3DR was founded in 2011 to help new-age businesses Sell & Market better. When we started, we realised that the Sales and Marketing approach was linear and asynchronous. We wanted to make it Engaging and Personalised because that is what the market was asking for.
From One-way communication to Two-way conversations
Interactivity at every customer touch-point is the answer. We disrupted the way large business-to-business corporations were approaching Sales & Marketing. A combination of the latest Gaming Technology and a deep understanding of diverse businesses, our innovative approach to Sales, Marketing and Branding has redefined many global brands and their brand value.
  • Customer-centric

    Our approach to digital solutions are customer-centric. We keep your end-users in mind while building digital experiences

  • Invested in your business

    We believe that every client is a partner and strive to take it from Good to Great

  • Versatile

    From Healthcare to Oil & Gas, we work with clients from different industries. Our knowledge and business know-how helps us understand your customers and your brand better

  • Privacy

    We are particular about Data & Privacy and strive to keep your Digital IP safe and secure



First Interactive Storytelling Application


Trade Show Experiences


Supercharged Healthcare Companies with VR


Leveraging AR to engage customers in their own environment


Leveraged XR platform- One content multiple realities


Shared XR for real-time immersion


Helped multiple FMCGs leverage AR,VR and XR


Oil & Gas companies added to our Client base


Our Company


Branched out to include Packaging Industry

Our Process

  • Discover

    We study all about the client

  • Action

    The strategic plan is our north star, we build the action plan incorporating our study from the last step and craft a plan that meets the business goals.

  • Design

    Once the strategic plan is discussed and approved, our designers start crafting the right experience that will meet the business objective.

  • Bumo Platform

    After designing, we upload the project to our Bumo ADVR platform for Rapid prototyping and Iterative development. The clients can prototype and make recommendations real-time.

  • Deploy

    Finally, we deploy the experience usable on any platform like iPad, Web, AR, VR etc..

Our Team

Sridharan Thyagarajan

President & Founder

A VR Thought Leader, he was an integral cog in the wheel at Rockstar Games, USA. With smash hits such as Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Run in his repertoire, he is a gaming whiz who has created algorithms for Supercomputing.

Stan Barta

Director of Client Fulfilment

Former Director of Diagnostic Services with a 23 year long career in the laboratory setting. Served as the Senior Manager for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics consulting division for the Western half of the US. Claims to be the number one amateur rancher & bee keeper at his home residence of Yoakum, Texas.

Manoj Padmanaban

Global Strategic Advisor

As a Global Strategic Advisor at BuMo3DR, Manoj Padmanaban is guiding the company on a structured approach towards client acquisition and growth strategies.

Anand Thyagarajan

Chief Strategy Officer

Started as an Investment Banker at Merrill Lynch in New York during the 90s. Moved to London with Fidelity International and have been Investing across global markets for the last 15 years. Now, he holds an advisory role at select companies, while also running his own Global Investment Fund.

Dr. Dirk Reiners

Advisory Team

Dr. Dirk Reiners is an assistant professor in the Center for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Louisiana. Lafayette. He is also a research fellow at the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise.

Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira

Advisory Team

Carolina Cruz-Neira is the W. Hansen Hall and Mary Officer Hall/ BORSF Endowed Super Chair in Telecommunications in Computer Engineering and the Chief Scientist of LITE at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Ramesh Vijayakumar

Creative Director

With over 20+ years of experience in CGI for Animated Films, TV series, and Previsualization working for projects from Walt Disney, Wild Brain, and 4K animations, etc., Ramesh has an unparalleled understanding of the cognitive process involved in creative innovation.

Gowtam Raghavan

Studio Head

Has over 20 plus years of experience in CGI for Animated Films, TV series, Games and Previsualization for clients like Dreamworks Animation, Walt Disney. Gowtham is a skilled thought-leader in the 3D production methodologies, planning, and execution.

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