Powering the 3D Interactive Visualisation journey for Sales Acceleration


At trade shows, conferences, display your entire product range in a 3D digital catalog; showing the entire range of your products on any smart device, PC or display screen that will help you engage easily with your potential customers at trade-shows and meetings.


Close sales deals faster by Highlighting features / innovation/ workflow via animation to differentiate your product and getting customers to experience them instantly.


Use the 3D assets created above to build and sell instruction manuals in interactive 3D to your customers as a value-added service

What is the BuMo3DAVR?

A proprietary platform developed in C++ that can deliver content in 3D, VR and AR seamlessly.

01 High quality photo realistic 3D models
02 Precision animation using collision physics and computational geometry principles
03 Turn Around Time of
6-8 weeks.
04 Cost reduction with digital asset reuse for future projects

How do customers benefit from 3D Interactive Visualization?

Wow your customer with futuristic VR view of your products so they get a
taste of your technology

Create digital catalogue on iPad to show multiple products to customers
across many points of sale

Using our x-ray vision to show specific advantages of your machine interior
with unique features and workflow

Reuse the same 3D models to develop 3D training modules for your
technicians for maintenance

Reuse the same 3D models to develop 3D training modules to be sold to
your customers for installation and usage. Powerful features in our engine
with C++ Libraries

What is the difference between interactive 3D and 2D Videos/PDF Manuals?

  • Topics
  • 3D Interactive Software
  • Videos and Manuals
3D Interactive Software
  • View from any angle and get a complete picture
  • Click on any object and interact
Videos and Manuals
  • Fixed angle, Not sure what is on the other side
  • No Interaction
Real time Scenario Changes
3D Interactive Software
  • Client has a question – Change parameters and show results it in real time
  • Compare process with competitor product and simulate in 3D
Videos and Manuals
  • Static videos/manuals, no changes or you have to search through all content
  • Fixed comparisons, need to forward and rewind videos/images
Remote Participation
3D Interactive Software
  • Connect from anywhere in the world to the client
  • Control and diagnose from remote location
Videos and Manuals
  • Not applicable
Co-Operative Interaction
3D Interactive Software
  • Engage the client by giving them ability to interact/control
  • Learn with co workers
Videos and Manuals
  • Client sits and watches, may not be engaged
Collecting Data
3D Interactive Software
  • You have precious data of what client has used, seen and interacted
  • Most important feature: Whether the person is engaged or not
Videos and Manuals
  • Yes, there is tracking data of whether clicked on your link, but NO indication if he/she is engaged
Knowledge Sharing
3D Interactive Software
  • See how co-worker has solved a scenario
  • Sharing of knowledge between employees
Videos and Manuals
  • Not Applicable
Forum and Community
3D Interactive Software
  • Client/employee can post a question and get answers or solutions.
  • Solution runs on your system rather than text or video
Videos and Manuals
  • Mostly text answers and not integrated in your video/manual

01 What do we deploy on?

Multi Touch Screens, Haptic Sensors, Stereoscopic Displays, Immersive Environments, VR, AR and Custom Gadgets. They are specialized in technologies like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Hololens, Google Cardboard and many more.

02 What is our
TAT (Turnaround Time)

Since we have an extensive library with powerful 3D features and our proprietary 3DAVR platform we aim to complete projects with 15-20 days of pre-production (storyboarding, concept) and 6-8 weeks of production

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