New Frontier. New Opportunities.

The new is waiting there to be seized. We just help businesses conquer new frontiers. Born out of the vision to capture new vistas through 3D interactive augmentation and visualization applications, our proprietary 3DAVR platform is the magic wand that transforms business decisions into million-dollar opportunities.

Sales Acceleration Tools

  • Interactive digital sales catalogue
  • Field based customer experience solutions

Brand Marketing Experiences

  • Marketing applications
  • Conference and Trade Show solutions

Immersive Learning Content

  • Immersive learning for Safety/ SOP training
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Made possible with

Creative Animation and Computational Geometry



Acceleration Tools

The journey from audience’s attention towards a product or service to the final action is integral to any business. Through the intelligent use of AR/VR, BuMo3DR seamlessly accelerates that process and ensures customer delight from the word go. We help you close the sale, quickly and delightfully.


Brand Marketing


Each and every brand touchpoint is equally important for your brand to score holistically. From a tradeshow to a customer visit, and from social media to retail experiences, with our 3D interactive visualisation and virtual reality content, your brand always enjoys a real edge.

Immersive Learning


3D or VR-based immersive learning solutions is turning the world of learning on its head. Our one-of-a-kind immersive learning solutions can be deployed at multiple sites and can also be sold as after-sales products to customers.

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Artists. Programmers. Creative Mavens. Marketeers.

Those who know us, know that we are a tribe of innovators and disruptors. Those who don’t know us, they simply call us talented Creative Digital Artists, UX Designers, 3D Programmers, AV Engineers and Digital Marketeers. But we are virtually so much more than that; really.

  • Artist Photo

    Sridharan Thyagarajan

    President & Founder

    A VR Thought Leader,he was an integral cog in the wheel at Rockstar Games, USA. With smash hits such as Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Run in his repertoire, he is a gaming whiz who has also created algorithms for Supercomputing.

  • Artist Photo

    Sanjay Anugula

    Vice President- Corporate Development

    With stints across USA, China, Japan and Singapore with Amazon, Intel and General Motors, he has proved his mettle in every function apart from Legal!

  • Artist Photo

    Stan Barta

    Director of Client Fulfilment

    Former Director of Diagnostic Services with a twenty three year career in the laboratory setting. Senior Manager for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics consulting division for the Western half of the US. Claims to be the number one amateur rancher & bee keeper at his home residence of Yoakum, Texas.

  • Artist Photo

    Anand Thyagarajan

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Started as an Investment Banker at Merrill Lynch in New York during the 90s. Moved to London with Fidelity International and have been Investing across global markets for the last 15 years. Fortunate to have gained invaluable global experience working for world class firms, in world class financial centers of the world. Now am advising select companies, while running my own Global Investment Fund.

  • Artist Photo

    Manoj Padmanaban

    Client Partner

    As a Client Partner at BuMo3DR Manoj Padmanaban is guiding the company on a structured approach towards client acquisition and growth strategies.

  • Artist Photo

    Dr. Dirk Reiners

    Advisory Team

    Dr. Dirk Reiners is an assistant professor in the Center for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Louisiana. Lafayette. I'm also a research fellow at the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise.

  • Artist Photo

    Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira

    Advisory Team

    Carolina Cruz-Neira is the W. Hansen Hall and Mary Officer Hall/ BORSF Endowed Super Chair in Telecommunications in Computer Engineering and the Chief Scientist of LITE at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

  • Artist Photo

    Ramesh Vijayakumar

    Creat!ve Director

    With over 20+ years of expertise in CGI for Animated Films, TV series, and Previsualization with work divulgement on projects from Walt Disney, Wild Brain, and 4K animations, etc., Ramesh has an unparalleled understanding of the cognitive process involved in creative innovation. His vision is sculpted and expressed in a frame without borders, inviting collaboration with the client. By understanding the client’s needs, intuitive and effective concepts are proposed accordingly.

  • Artist Photo

    Gowtam Raghavan

    Studio Head

    Has over 20 plus years of exposure in CGI for Animated Films, TV series, Games and Previsualization. Specialising 3D animation and games has worked with clients like Dreamworks Animation, Walt Disney and worked on projects like Guitar hero 3.

    A skilled Leader in the 3D production methodologies, planning, and execution.

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