We use our proprietary 3DAVR Platform to deliver what customers have been asking of us for past 6 years to drive their business targets


  • Interactive digital sales catalogue
  • Field based customer experience solutions


  • Marketing applications
  • Conference and Trade Show solutions


  • Immersive learning for Safety/ SOP training

Do you do this in 3D or AR or VR?

Our proprietary C++ based BuMo 3DAVR Platform can deliver 3D/AR/VR
content seamlessly. It all depends on the customer’s usage experience.

Where do we deploy?

We have deployed content over VR headsets, Multi Touch Screens, Haptic Sensors, Stereoscopic Displays, Smart Phones, Tablets and PC based Immersive Environments.

Virtual and Augmented reality is a special focus area and we have deployed content for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft Hololens and Lenovo Mirage Solo.

How do you exactly use 3D/VR for your customers?

We build 3D models of large machines, instruments, spaces (Digital Twins) and import them into VR with our proprietary 3DAVR platform to animate, render and create clear ROI driven solutions for our customers.

VR enabling your digital twins leads to benefits in collaborative design, immersive training and productivity.

And why is that?

Virtual Reality is Part Art and Part Science! Well a lot of Science…

So, we use 3D Artists, Creative UX Designers who build digital twins of your assets and then we use Collision Physics, Multi-User Gaming and C++ core programming to deliver life-like experiences for your end-users.

Why can’t we do this
with packaged software?

To some extent yes but custom content requirements
also need custom coding and animation

Aren’t there many who
can offer VR solutions?

Absolutely. We want a growing eco-system of VR
researchers, solutions providers and adopters.

Then Why BuMo3DR?

Proprietary C++ platform developed over 5 years to create and reuse 3D/AR and VR content

Platform enables us to deliver turn-around time (TAT) of 8-12 Weeks

Future projects cost less with asset reuse

Photo-realistic quality output – Gaming demands high speed rendition, realistic
artwork and visual effects. Business content will get the same with BuMo3DR.

Strong Commercial Sense – Great Story or Content backed by clear financial ROI.